To Boldly Go Where No Coffee has Gone Before.

This is my surprise!  Well, not the pattern I’ve been working on.  But between school, zoo visits, lab experiments, and other such need-to-dos, I haven’t really been working too much on my surprise pattern.  I know I’m running behind, but I’ve still got time before the thing is due.  Yarnbombing takes a while, I think.

So, since my daughter has a crush on Leonard Nimoy, I thought I’d take the time to make a cup sleeve to honor her undying love for a guy who is 80-something to her year and a half.

So, Leonard, this is for you.  This is for Spock.

Cup sleeves

Spock has come for coffee. Let Picard keep his tea, Early Gray, hot.

So here are two of my completed cup sleeves.  They keep your entire drink warm and toasty, rather than just a little slice of it like those coffee cup belts.  It works for cold drinks, too!  I used them for iced coffee and lattes so my hands don’t get wet with condensation.  It’s really nice not to have to wipe your hand on your pantleg every time you put your cup down.  So this works as an insulator to keep the ice from melting as fast, as well as a built-in towel since it’s made with sturdy acrylic yarn.  I haven’t tried cotton yet to see what that does.  I don’t have as much cotton yarn as I do acrylic.

So here are the cups.  The combadge from Star Trek is not my creation.  I got the pattern from here: Birds of a Feather Star Trek Badge crochet pattern.



Full-length Coffee Sleeve Now Available!

If you’re like me, you go to college.  You wander campus and see lots of people wearing school pride on their shirts, shorts, pants, bags, and what-have-you.

Why not your coffee cup?

Since I go to Purdue University, I thought I’d start there.  Other colleges will be available, too!  The next one I want to do is Indiana University, since I went there at one time, too.

Here is the Purdue cup sleeve in all its glory!

Spirited cup sleeve

For when you want your cup to have spirit.

I followed the same pattern that I used for the previous cup, only I joined in different colors.  Purdue’s colors are black and gold, so I happened to have that yarn handy.  Voila!  A spirited cup sleeve to keep my coffee nice and warm.

I gave the other cup sleeve a test run today and, I must say, it works great!  I like to get my coffee extra hot (who needs taste buds!) but it often became too cool for my liking shortly after getting it.  I was using the atypical cup belt (I refuse to call it a sleeve any longer) so the coffee above and below the belt grew cold very quickly.  Don’t even get me started on the temperature of the coffee near the end!  ICE-COLD, PEOPLE.

So I rectified that.  And I am very happy with the results.

Whenever I get around to opening an Etsy store, this will go for $5 plus shipping!

I’m so happy to have a quick and easy project to do when doll making is getting on my nerves.

My First Original Piece – Crocheted Cup Cozy

As I was drinking my coffee this chill morning, I lamented the fact that it always got cold so quickly.  I already have a cup cozy that I crocheted myself from a pattern I found online.  It’s your typical cup sleeve.  It fits the cup more like a belt than a sleeve.

To use the words from the movie Robots, I saw a need and filled a need.

Introducing my own pattern!  The full-sized cup sleeve!


Cup Cozy for the Whole Cup

For when you want all your coffee warm.

Fresh off the hook, my friends.  I haven’t even finished it by weaving in the ends!  It’s my first-ever self-designed item.  Usually I go off of patterns or tutorials, but I didn’t even look to see if this existed.  I knew I wanted one so I made it myself.

I’ll give it a test-run tomorrow.  This one fits the grande-sized Starbucks cup since that’s what I had at the time.  I use the reusable ones you can get for $1.  I figure, why have a reusable cup if you keep using those cardboard sleeves?  It doesn’t make sense!

Now my coffee will be warm all the way to the bottom.

And so it begins.

Yesterday I was wondering if yarnbombing was legal in my area, so I called the campus cops.  The lady there transferred me to someone else in the police department.

They transferred me somewhere else.

He transferred me to the head of the grounds department where I was able to receive permission to yarnbomb temporarily.

So I get to make my little doodads and put them under trees and along the Hello Walk as long as I pick them up after a few hours.  So, at around 930 they’ll go down.  Around noon, they will be picked up again.

I’ll attach business cards in case any curious students want something that I’ve put up.

I also got permission from the National Security Garden people on campus to yarnbomb their soy planter box.  So there’s plans for that, too.

This little guy is the mushroom I made.  However, I can’t sell the things I make from the pattern.  Boo.  So now that I know how to make a mushroom (big and little), I can make up my own pattern so I can sell the little guys if someone wants one.

Hanging out in a tree.

He’s liking college. I gave him to a little boy who was more than excited to have his own mushroom from Mario!

So it was exciting to have a little boy so excited to have his very own Mario mushroom.  He knew what it was!  We had guest speakers for our class today and he was just sitting over there reading a book about Marvel Comics.  So I asked his mom (one of the speakers) if I could give him the mushroom.  She had no problems with it, so I did!  And he loved it.  Hooray!

She and her husband were the ones who gave me permission to make things to put amongst the soy plants there on campus.  I have ideas for some things to put in there!

I’ve never written up my own pattern, so we’ll see how it turns out.  I just have to count the stitches and stuff on my own and make sure I include the stitch count as well as the directions on how to do it.

Keep watching for a pattern or two!

Yarn-Bombing: is it illegal where I am?

I’m having a few issues about finding out whether or not yarn bombing is legal in my area. I saw that last December there was a group that went around yarn bombing trees to promote tree awareness.

Do I call the cops?  The campus?  I’ll probably call it yarn-storming because that has less of a negative connotation than yarn-bombing.  I tried to call the welcome center at the University, but they wanted to transfer me to the registrar.  I don’t know what the registrar would know about it.  It’s a little foggy about who to call.

I’m guessing the cops to see if it’s legal.  But I don’t want them coming down to my house looking for a yarn bomb.  All it is is yarn wrapped around stuff.  I’d planned on leaving yarn mushrooms and acorns and tiny safety cones all over campus rather than wrap trees.  I also wanted to put rainbow hats on the statues of the men around campus.  Just for fun.

The saga continues.

Yarn Bombing for School? Yes, PLEASE!

I’m taking a class about women’s studies.  We have to learn about the stuff you do in high school like women’s rights.  The other stuff is eco-feminism, which is where my prof has her concentration.  She’s a grad student.

One of the creative aspects of the final exam is something I’ve always wanted to try but never did because I was afraid I’d be arrested.


We have to make a zine for the midterm and the final.  For the creative part, you can do creative writing or art or … yarn bombing.  She even encourages crocheting during class.

How amazing is this?

So now I can work up some treble crochet or double crochet sweaters for some trees.  I can work up some colorful mushrooms to stick in the ground. 

All in the name of an A.


Best Sites for Free Crochet Patterns

This is where I’m going to share about the best websites to get free patterns for crochet.  I’ve perused all of these and made stuff from a few.  I’m extremely picky about my patterns!  On the flip side, sometimes with a toddler and school I just don’t have the time.

1) Stitch11

This website is amazing!  You can also follow them on Facebook, which I already do.  They have all sorts of patterns for everyone.  Bracelets, stash-busting granny squares, purses, and dolls, to name just a few. 

2) Dearest Debi

I have to admit that I haven’t been here as often as I have Stitch11, but it’s still a valuable resource.  Lots of hats, toys, flowers, and purses, among other things, are to be had here.

3) Crochet Pattern Central

This one is one that I use ALL THE TIME.  Just do a search and a huge list comes up full of links that lead you to other websites for the patterns.  There are all kinds of things here.  Slippers, toys, dolls, purses, dresses — you name it, it’s likely on here.

4) Ravelry

This website requires you to log in, but the account is totally free and offers lots of free patterns.  I’m a member, though I don’t really crochet patterns all my own since I’m still somewhat new.

5) Craftster

This one also requires an account, but it’s well worth it.  It’s a community, like Ravelry, where people can post up patterns.  A lot of them are free, but some you have to pay for.

6) Lion Brand

This is a brand of yarn and the site also requires an account.  The patterns are free and offer stuff for knitting, too, if you can do that.  Which I can’t.

7) Caron

Caron is another yarn brand whose website offers free patterns and projects.  I love their Simply Soft, which is what I’m using to make Noodle’s doll.

8) Lily Sugar n Cream

This is the site where I procured the pattern for Noodle’s doll.  The body is going to be this brand of yarn, though the clothes are going to be Caron.  This site also requires an account to use, but it’s free.

9) By Hook, By Hand

This is a blog over on Blogspot, but it’s a great resource for dolls!

10) Nerdigurumi

Awesome site for amigurumi with a nerdy twist.  I plan on making the Link playset for Noodle for Christmas.

11) Starting Chain

I’ve only recently found this one, but it’s great for inspiration!

12) Red Heart

I do like Red Heart yarn.  Let me tell you.  This website also has lots of free patterns to pick and choose from!

That’s all I have for now. I’m sure I’ll do another one soon enough.  My old laptop has tons more links to crochet patterns and sites than this one does.  Once I can get to those, I’ll probably have another post about great sites where you can find free patterns!

As an extra, I’d like to put up a bit about Twinkie Chan!  I love so many of her projects.  She has a few up on Michaels website. One of them is a Strawberry Cake Binder Cozy. It’s just so cute that I want one for my little binder I use for school!  She’s got lots of confection-based projects up on Michaels, so I’d head over there and check it out, if I were you.