Best Sites for Free Crochet Patterns

This is where I’m going to share about the best websites to get free patterns for crochet.  I’ve perused all of these and made stuff from a few.  I’m extremely picky about my patterns!  On the flip side, sometimes with a toddler and school I just don’t have the time.

1) Stitch11

This website is amazing!  You can also follow them on Facebook, which I already do.  They have all sorts of patterns for everyone.  Bracelets, stash-busting granny squares, purses, and dolls, to name just a few. 

2) Dearest Debi

I have to admit that I haven’t been here as often as I have Stitch11, but it’s still a valuable resource.  Lots of hats, toys, flowers, and purses, among other things, are to be had here.

3) Crochet Pattern Central

This one is one that I use ALL THE TIME.  Just do a search and a huge list comes up full of links that lead you to other websites for the patterns.  There are all kinds of things here.  Slippers, toys, dolls, purses, dresses — you name it, it’s likely on here.

4) Ravelry

This website requires you to log in, but the account is totally free and offers lots of free patterns.  I’m a member, though I don’t really crochet patterns all my own since I’m still somewhat new.

5) Craftster

This one also requires an account, but it’s well worth it.  It’s a community, like Ravelry, where people can post up patterns.  A lot of them are free, but some you have to pay for.

6) Lion Brand

This is a brand of yarn and the site also requires an account.  The patterns are free and offer stuff for knitting, too, if you can do that.  Which I can’t.

7) Caron

Caron is another yarn brand whose website offers free patterns and projects.  I love their Simply Soft, which is what I’m using to make Noodle’s doll.

8) Lily Sugar n Cream

This is the site where I procured the pattern for Noodle’s doll.  The body is going to be this brand of yarn, though the clothes are going to be Caron.  This site also requires an account to use, but it’s free.

9) By Hook, By Hand

This is a blog over on Blogspot, but it’s a great resource for dolls!

10) Nerdigurumi

Awesome site for amigurumi with a nerdy twist.  I plan on making the Link playset for Noodle for Christmas.

11) Starting Chain

I’ve only recently found this one, but it’s great for inspiration!

12) Red Heart

I do like Red Heart yarn.  Let me tell you.  This website also has lots of free patterns to pick and choose from!

That’s all I have for now. I’m sure I’ll do another one soon enough.  My old laptop has tons more links to crochet patterns and sites than this one does.  Once I can get to those, I’ll probably have another post about great sites where you can find free patterns!

As an extra, I’d like to put up a bit about Twinkie Chan!  I love so many of her projects.  She has a few up on Michaels website. One of them is a Strawberry Cake Binder Cozy. It’s just so cute that I want one for my little binder I use for school!  She’s got lots of confection-based projects up on Michaels, so I’d head over there and check it out, if I were you.


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