Yarn Bombing for School? Yes, PLEASE!

I’m taking a class about women’s studies.  We have to learn about the stuff you do in high school like women’s rights.  The other stuff is eco-feminism, which is where my prof has her concentration.  She’s a grad student.

One of the creative aspects of the final exam is something I’ve always wanted to try but never did because I was afraid I’d be arrested.


We have to make a zine for the midterm and the final.  For the creative part, you can do creative writing or art or … yarn bombing.  She even encourages crocheting during class.

How amazing is this?

So now I can work up some treble crochet or double crochet sweaters for some trees.  I can work up some colorful mushrooms to stick in the ground. 

All in the name of an A.



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