Yarn-Bombing: is it illegal where I am?

I’m having a few issues about finding out whether or not yarn bombing is legal in my area. I saw that last December there was a group that went around yarn bombing trees to promote tree awareness.

Do I call the cops?  The campus?  I’ll probably call it yarn-storming because that has less of a negative connotation than yarn-bombing.  I tried to call the welcome center at the University, but they wanted to transfer me to the registrar.  I don’t know what the registrar would know about it.  It’s a little foggy about who to call.

I’m guessing the cops to see if it’s legal.  But I don’t want them coming down to my house looking for a yarn bomb.  All it is is yarn wrapped around stuff.  I’d planned on leaving yarn mushrooms and acorns and tiny safety cones all over campus rather than wrap trees.  I also wanted to put rainbow hats on the statues of the men around campus.  Just for fun.

The saga continues.


3 thoughts on “Yarn-Bombing: is it illegal where I am?

  1. I think that yarn bombing is great and why shouldn’t we crafters show our art. Please post images of what you do, I would love to see.

    • I also think that yarnbombing should be more widely accepted. The argument against it that I’ve heard the most is that it starts to deteriorate. My counter-argument is this: Spraypaint stays forever and takes a lot of time and energy to scrub off. Yarn? You can cut it off very easily when it starts to weather. If it’s made of cotton yarn, the birds can use the scraps to help build their nests. It’s temporary art that can be beautiful for a short time. It’s much easier to remove than other forms of street art.

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