My First Original Piece – Crocheted Cup Cozy

As I was drinking my coffee this chill morning, I lamented the fact that it always got cold so quickly.  I already have a cup cozy that I crocheted myself from a pattern I found online.  It’s your typical cup sleeve.  It fits the cup more like a belt than a sleeve.

To use the words from the movie Robots, I saw a need and filled a need.

Introducing my own pattern!  The full-sized cup sleeve!


Cup Cozy for the Whole Cup

For when you want all your coffee warm.

Fresh off the hook, my friends.  I haven’t even finished it by weaving in the ends!  It’s my first-ever self-designed item.  Usually I go off of patterns or tutorials, but I didn’t even look to see if this existed.  I knew I wanted one so I made it myself.

I’ll give it a test-run tomorrow.  This one fits the grande-sized Starbucks cup since that’s what I had at the time.  I use the reusable ones you can get for $1.  I figure, why have a reusable cup if you keep using those cardboard sleeves?  It doesn’t make sense!

Now my coffee will be warm all the way to the bottom.


One thought on “My First Original Piece – Crocheted Cup Cozy

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