Rupee Earflap Hat — Fresh Off the Hook

I love earflap hats.  Almost every hat I wear has earflaps.

I love The Legend of Zelda.  I own quite a few of the games and my daughter likes to watch Windwaker Link crawl around and make funny noises.

So I’ve decided to combine these two things into one.  But what would I use for earflaps?  It’s not like Link’s hat has them.  I’ve seen others that make the pointy ears on the sides but I wanted something different.

Something worth … tall grass.  That’s it!

Introducing the Rupee Earflap Hat!

From the front on an icy winter day.

From the front on an icy winter day.

Meet Gertrude!  She’s my new styrofoam head.  It makes placement of the Triforce a little easier than trying to pin it to the hat while I’m wearing it.  I don’t really want a forehead piercing, thanks.

It was a lot of fun to make this.  The beanie is simple enough.  I’ve made Triforces before.  But the earflaps had me stumped.  I had no idea how to make a diamond shape.  But then I remembered that a diamond is two triangles attached at the bottom.  So there we go!

For now, the hat is only available in red until I get samples of the other colors made up.  When I’m done, it’ll be available in:

Red, blue, green, yellow, grey (silver in the game), purple, and orange.  Now you can carry your currency on your head.  Near your face.  I feel that’s best.

Here’s a shot of lovely Gertrude from the side.

Because currency is best on your face.

Gertrude is more than happy to sit outside when it’s 20F and model a hat.  I, however, was not so happy to take the photo when it’s 20F.  But at least it was warmer than it is today!

If you’re interested in purchasing this hat, feel free to head on over to my shop page!  It’s new.  All colors are available and I’m working on samples to show you!




I’m Kel, the resident crochet maniac in the house.  I love nothing more than to hook up something!

I have a daughter, she’s 17 months old now, and I really enjoy making things for her.  This blog will be about my adventures in parenting, school, crochet, felt, and writing!  I love doing all of those things.  My husband supports all of my hobbies and my things-to-do, so that makes it much easier.

My current projects include:

1) A pair of Rapunzel-themed slippers for my daughter.

2) A witch doll in the likeness of Lucinda the Little Witch from Disney’s Sofia the First.

3) A Spock-themed laptop sleeve for myself.

I’m working on all of these at the moment with different sizes of hooks jammed into stitch and skein.

I’ve already made a baby blanket for my daughter.  Two of them!  One is all white in Bamboo yarn.  The other is striped in different colors in a thick yarn from Lion Brand.  I’ve also made her a dress that turned out to be a shirt for me!  She also has a Captain America shield that I hooked up in about half an hour, as well as a doll of a goddess that she doesn’t really like.  That took a long time.

I’ve made hats and scarves, too.  This winter, I want to be able to wear a pair of fingerless gloves that I made myself.  They’ll be the convertible kind with the pullover mitten attachment. I love those!  I plan on using Velcro rather than a button.

I have more yarn that I know what to do with.  Literally! I have the box that my daughter’s big-kid carseat came in full of yarn.  I have a small basket, a canvas tote, a huge bag my mom knitted for me, a reusable shopping bag from JoAnn’s, and a drawstring bag all full of yarn!  On top of that, I have yarn spilling out all over my floor.  It’s a bit of a mess.

I like to dabble in beading, too.  I’ve made two necklaces and I have a prayer chain in the early stages of design.  I have all my beads and some natural twine to make it.  I have to draw it then construct it before I’ll be through.

I also like to dip my fingers into the wonderful world of felt.  I’m sure making a doll out of felt would be much easier than one of crochet!  My daughter’s witchy doll is only half a head.  I had to get some felt for the eyes.  I got the pattern from Sugar and Cream yarn and it’s super cute!

My biggest project so far was a shawl I made myself.  I used six skeins of yarn on that thing but I love it.  It’s a triangle shawl!  I’d wanted one for a while and finally found a pattern.  An EASY pattern.  I was still in the early stages of crochet when I made that.

So far, the easiest things to make are hats.  I made a family a set of crocheted earflap hats as my very first sale! I’m wanting to start up a business in crochet, but I don’t have an etsy or a PayPal account.  That makes it a little hard.

I hope to see you again on my next post. Maybe I’ll try my hand at a Granny square. I’ve never made one!