Items for Sale

Here is where you can find all of the things I create.  All wearables are washed in Dreft detergent and Downy Free fabric softener.  Acrylic items are gentle wash cycle and lay flat to dry.  Most acrylic items you can put in the dryer on low heat, too.

I make things to order.  So when you hit that “buy” button is when the item starts to be born.  Sometimes, in the cases of cup sweaters and some hats, I do have a small stash already made.

Enjoy browsing my wares!  Now I feel rather like an NPC.


I have a new shop!  It’ll make it so much easier to order items!

Click here to go to Lily’s Little Loops on Storenvy!

Thank you so much for supporting this adventure.  All proceeds will be saved up for a trip to Disney for my daughter the year she turns five!



3 thoughts on “Items for Sale

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