Minecraft Creeper Scarf!

My husband enjoys Minecraft.  As I was watching him play one day, I saw him racing to dig a hole to hide from something.  Then I saw the Creeper.

They are so cute.

But apparently they like to explode you, so that’s not so cute.

I'm watching everything you do with my soulless black eyes.  Hisssss.

I’m watching everything you do with my soulless black eyes. Hisssss.

But they sure do make awesome scarves!

This guy has a face on one end and his little feet on the other.  I decided to do it this way so in the warmer months when you’re not wearing your Creeper scarf, you can hang it up on your wall.  That’s what I did to take photos of it.

Chillin' out on the wall.  To spy.  On everything.

Chillin’ out on the wall. To spy. On everything.

Well, our daughter decided it was a new type of Christmas tree.  She thought it would be awesome to put some Jake and the Neverland Pirates ornaments on it.  That’s a pirate show on Disney Junior.  I’m still not sure why Peter Pan would want his own crew of kid pirates.

O Creeper Tree, O Creeper Tree, O please don't hisssssss boom me.

O Creeper Tree, O Creeper Tree, O please don’t hisssssss boom me.

It was a lot of fun decorating the Creeper Tree, though.  She did get upset when I took it off the wall, so it’s still hanging there even now.  Here’s a close-up of the ornaments.

Jake and the Neverland Creeper.

Jake and the Neverland Creeper.

I just hope this thing doesn’t go BOOM.

You can order one on my shop, Lily’s Little Loops, on Storenvy!  They’re 25$.





How many of you enjoy The Legend of Zelda games?  ALL of you?  I love them.  Ocarina of Time is my favorite, followed by Twilight Princess.

It was the love of Twilight Princess that I created this hat.  I love this hat.  Presenting… the Twilight Princess-inspired Legend of Zelda Triforce Link hat!

Take this with you!

Take this with you!

This is me, modeling the Link hat.  I looks like a typical slouchy hat, but it really isn’t.  Behold!  The back!

It's really rather long.

It’s really rather long.

I’m of average height, so this thing is really long.  Want another picture?

How about from the side?

How about from the side?

This is the hat from the side, so you can see where it sits on your head and where it’ll end.  It’s a really nice hat and I think I’ll be wearing it this fall and winter.  I decided to use Twilight Princess as the inspiration because it’s a little less eye-searing green and a little more grungy, foresty green.  If you look, you can see I put the Xs on the side for authenticity.  The band is made to look like ribbing so it’ll fit better on the head.

Want to see the Triforce up close?  Sure, you do!  Here it is:

Power, Wisdom, and Courage

Power, Wisdom, and Courage

This puppy is made to order.  This is the only one I have made!  If you’d like to order one, head on over to my shop on Storenvy!


The cost is $45 + shipping + tax.  And please keep in mind that these are made after you order.  It takes a little time to make them, so you have to be patient.

Coming soon: Navi.