Keep Your Coffee Warm – With Star Trek

I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on my Spock cup sleeve.  In fact, it’s currently one of the prizes you can win on Absurd Nerd and Geeks Make the Best Parents giveaways!  Click on the links to find the post, enter, and win something!  There are a lot of great sponsors.  You’ll be able to choose between yellow, blue, or red for your Trek cup sleeve!

If you like, head on over to my own Facebook page, Lily’s Little Loops, and take a look around!  I post different things on there.  More than what I do my blog.

This is more than just a sleeve.  A sleeve keeps a small portion of your coffee warm (or cold!).  This thing is a cup sweater.

Coffee too hot?  Plop this thing on there.  I get my coffee extra hot (sometimes 190F) and this thing warms up nicely so my hands are good and toasty.

Get iced drinks in the warmer weather?  This keeps your fingers from getting wet from the condensation.  It also keeps your fingers from freezing off if you get the blended drinks.

And here it is!

To boldly go where no coffee has gone before.

To boldly go where no coffee has gone before.

It was a snow day today when I took the photo, so I tucked my Starbucks holiday cup (Venti size) between two branches of a tree.  I do like the red holiday cups, though.

The sleeve was made with the Grande size in mind since I have that reusable kind you can get for $1 at Starbucks.  But it fits a Venti size no problem!  I don’t yet have one for Tall since I rarely (if ever) get the Tall size coffee.

To order your own cup sleeve, head on over to my shop!  They’re $7 + shipping + tax.  I only have a photo of the blue for now, but you can order all three!

Keep it cozy, friends.


Custom Orders on Elemental Sprites Special Update

If you would prefer to have a custom order on the sets of Elemental Sprites, these are the buttons for you!

All orders are technically custom orders, but these specific buttons are for you if I do not have the yarn you are looking for.  Previously, I chose a yarn for you or you chose from the stock I have.  In this case, these are for you if I do not have the yarn that you want in stock.  It’s a little more per set to cover a tidbit of the cost of yarn.  I’m not charging for the full price of the yarn because I will be using it in other projects.  It’s only a very small fraction to help cover the cost.

Elemental Sprite Set of 4 - Custom Yarn

Elemental Sprite Set of 4 – Custom Yarn

Buy Now Button

These little guys are $20 + shipping and tax.


Elemental Sprite Set of 5 – Custom Yarn

Buy Now Button

These little buddies are $25 + shipping and tax.

I hope you enjoy the immense customization of these.  They’re great learning tools for families with smaller children who want to learn about the elements.  Please keep in mind that, for now, I’m only offering ones with button eyes.  These are not intended for children under 3 years old as the eyes can be chewed off by sharp baby teeth and can pose a choking hazard.  I plan on getting safety eyes for the little ones a bit later.

Elemental Spirits Now Available!

And here we are, folks!  For the first time ever, I am offering something for sale!

You have a few options.  Pricing is below the images!  These prices are only for sets where I either choose the yarn I will use or I already have the yarn in stock.  If I have to buy the yarn, the price will be higher.  If you have questions about all the types of yarn, please email me:


Elemental Sprite Set of Four

These little guys come in a set of four: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  $15 + shipping and tax!  They come in all sorts of yarns; this is only one option.  Ladybug not included.

Buy Now Button


Elemental Sprite Set of Five

Here is the set of five: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.  These ones are $20 for the set + shipping and tax!

Buy Now Button

There are several options available for the type of yarn you’d like.  Below are just a few for two of the elements.  Keep in mind that these are all from the same pattern, require the same amount of time and yarn.  The only difference is the size of the yarn.  Some yarn is thinner, some thicker, and sometimes I will double up on yarns to make it fun.  Or I will double up if the yarn is fuzzy.

water optionsThis is Water.  The one on the left is a variegated yarn that’s rather thin.  The one on the right is doubled in blue sparkly yarn and white.

spirit optionsThis is Spirit.  The one on the left is doubled up with black yarn and white yarn with gold thread.  The one on the right is thick black yarn.

earth-1This is Earth.  This little guy is made with tan yarn and some brown fuzzy yarn.  I like him because he’s fuzzy.

If you’d like to purchase them singly, the cost is $5 + shipping and tax, but I haven’t set that up yet.  Most of the interest has been in the sets.

Please keep in mind that I make these to order.  They take a bit to complete.

Happy shopping and thank you for your interest!  Any questions?  Contact me at or find me on Facebook!

Little Drops of Rain

And earth and air and fire.

This is my newest project: Elemental Spirits!

These little guys come from a free pattern based off of Wendy the Water Drop, found on Ravelry.  I started making them for a secret project that I can’t tell anyone about until I can make it official.  So stay tuned for that!

Here, in all their amigurumi glory, is Water Spirit and Earth Spirit!

Elemental Spirits

Water and Earth all cozied up on a lovely autumn blanket.

I didn’t have any safety eyes, so I opted for buttons.  I have a lot of buttons.  I’d like to get some safety eyes and do some with those, but that purchase is a little far on the calendar at the moment.

For those that do not crochet, these little guys will be up for sale.  Or, at least, a rendition of them.  I plan on making several different styles of these in all of the elements to give people a choice!  Pricing will come after I have a little stash to show all of you.